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November 11, 2006
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--Libra-- by Woodland-Mel --Libra-- by Woodland-Mel
:+fav: EDITED: click DOWNLOAD for a much larger version :+fav:

Heh heh... My original character, Keireia, cosplaying as Zelda. ;) I can say that, right? Unfortunately, I've been drawing my characters a lot lately, and hadn't looked at a picture of Zelda in a long time when I started this- Sooo... they sort of morphed more into.. yeah.. each other. No biggie, I just wanted to say something because when I post more pictures of my OC (sometime down the road~) I expect people will say she looks just like Zelda, and I'll just end up saying "I'm sorry! I do this; everyone I draw looks the same.. X( I swear they didn't used to look so much alike, when I started drawing my OC Zelda had only been blonde once.. and now I'm only making matters worse by drawing my version of Zelda so much like her." My OC doesn't have such big pointy ears, they're just plastic here X) I'm rambling... LoL, it's late, forgive me ;)

So, that's the Link to the Past world in the background; It's only semi-accurate, I was having a hard time so I left some details out and moved some things around. The Dark World is on the right side, the Light World on the Left. It's being done for my Zodiac series, and saying that I fell behind is the easiest excuse for why I did this after Libra had passed. Also, critique is more than welcome, even though I probably won't go back to make changes. (Unless they're really easy or something) I did so many variations on the background that I finally got so bored of it that I decided I didn't want to bother with it any longer... so this is probably as good as it gets. But I'm still really curious about what could have been made differently/better.

It was practice; I hate backgrounds, but I really need to get better at them (and lighting and atmosphere)

Here's a link to an image showing the progress of the piece. It's rather large [link]
Also, this was done with a tablet in photoshop. I spent a few days on it, on and off. (Like I said, I had trouble ;p)

I want to give a little nod to Lord of Shadow for this. I've known him a while and a while back he asked me if I would ever do a Link to the Past map, to go with my AoL and LoZ maps. I didn't really do that, but it's what inspired this concept. I'd also like to thank my boyfriend for putting up with me and pointing out what changes to make and what changes I should have made! ~Thanks X)
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A Photo print, 

Please, before tonight 11PM, pretty please?
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Oh my god.
HaV0cK Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
nice artwork :)
5ilvara Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
Whait a second, it's not Zelda?
But the triforce...?
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Khbynjkldr. ...!

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Thats Suberb!
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Finally! A non-boring Libra!
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whoooo!!! libra!!
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yeaa totally thought it was zelda, it wasnt really a let down when i found out it wasnt :p still got to look at a fantastic piece!! gorgeous scenery!!
Linkdreams Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Student Digital Artist
The lighting in this piece warms my soul. That warm sepia glaze over everything. It is my favorite color theme.
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